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VentureSum Austin is currently a conceptual manifestation of combined input from adventuresome and would-be adventuresome people. For those of you who are stuck meditating on your life segways, put it into words here. Trust me when I tell you that sooner than later your "segway notes" will find a VentureSum outlet.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dare to Challenge

Texas Dare Adventure Race--Saturday, December 10, 2005.

Talk about confronting your fears. Arriving on site at my first adventure race on Saturday, my core fear was lack of preparation. Yet I embraced my raw inexperience as an opportunity to shock myself into a state of frenzy. Crawling through the wet sand towards the finish line, the only thought on my mind was how much ass I would be kicking the next time around.

There is no better motivation than the sound of your own defeat to kick you into full gear. Believe me, we had words on Saturday (Defeat and I, that is). I had the final say, and got up from the ground where I was lying. With my partner in crime, I pushed forward, loving the thrill of hating the pain.

Ask me if I like my bruises. We both might be suprised at the asnswer.


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