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VentureSum Austin is currently a conceptual manifestation of combined input from adventuresome and would-be adventuresome people. For those of you who are stuck meditating on your life segways, put it into words here. Trust me when I tell you that sooner than later your "segway notes" will find a VentureSum outlet.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

An adventure a day keeps the Dr. away...

When people divvy out instructions to live life like you mean it, hardly anyone ever jumps to action. Why? That is precisely the question you are probably asking yourself day after day. How DO I mean it? The interpretation changes on a daily basis. At least, it should change continuously if you are not in a state of stagnation.

One thing I do know, at my ripe young age of 24, is that the hills are high, they are steep, they are slanted and pocketed with strange interceptions--good, bad and fantastic. A wise person once told me that how I dealt with the obstacles thrown my way would be the true judge of character. And so I ask...

What adventure have you overcome today?


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